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There are many traumatise your children

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

So just this week I had an interaction with a colleague, I was asking for her insight and support. What sparked my thinking was something she said "You thought you had found something special"? The work I do within the NHS is all about checking and analysing. But what she said made me think of the Screen Harmoniser and how there are so many ways to manage screens but also so many ways to be a parent. And the way that I invented is just one option. Part of me had felt that I had invented something special, that my product was unique. Maybe there isn't anything that looks the same but there are many other people trying to have the same affect on families and parents.

Another colleague explained to me her struggle with meal times in her family which got me thinking. The friend said "I know that if I offer her an option for a game she'll happily finish her dinner". I laughed and thought "yes! you are embodying the essence of the product". By offering something that she knows her child would like it encourages a change to occur. This is what the Connection Hearts do, they are an invitation to do something together after the immersive wonderful experience of TV or gaming. For young children and their parents and within the Hearts Group we joke about the need for more ideas for Connection Hearts. Just this week I was saying to a parent who has purchased a pack of Connection Hearts for her and her daughter Frances, I said I need a heart that says..."Let's Go For A Drive". Because during lockdown this was a loved activity me and my daughter Tanisha would do together. Granted it was to get me a soya Lattae too! And for Tanisha to listen to her music and chill on her device in the car.

I know that whenever I feel the Universe has surprised me enough with the amount of love, pure unconditional love I feel in the next moment it surprises me again. I started this venture with the knowing that early years are powerful in terms of our models from our parents, from our peers and therefore beginning to build healthy screen habits from a young age can only be a good thing. Right? But this also highlights the power of screens and more importantly information. We can only be truly ready for information when we are ready for it, this is up to us and our hearts.

And this is the whole point, there are many solutions for you to manage your relationship with your devices, your phone loves you no matter what! But it cannot give you a hug, we all need both. The ability to be held and the ability to connect. And for parents when your evening is coming to bedtime and you've done activities all day, you've had dinner and its time to chill or take your little ones off their tablet. And have some time to yourself before you go to bed yourself, to phone your friends or have a cheeky glass of red.

My point is what I am doing is nothing special but also it is everything. I have had an idea and now I am asking you to feel if this may help your family. Would you like to experience Screen Harmony? Be part of this precious space that is still very much developing, if so purchase your Screen Cover or Connection Hearts pack.

The beautiful young lady in the picture is one of the tester families trying out the "Let's Cook" connection heart. Thank you to Jendayes family for their input and support.

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