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Angels are bloody everywhere!

Well, this is true and I am astounded. I was always so weighed down by life, now I am so aware of how I am regularly delighted by how everything is working in my favour. How when the layers are peeled by I can feel more and more the blessings and purity of all and everything. How out of the fog my twin souls comes forth in those most 'pee wrenching' and challenging moments.

Have you felt a yearning? Do you have a thirst for more love in your life? Or have you decided to stop everything and focus on finding your Beloved?

If so I can support you and trust me when I say this, they are out there and they exist within your heart already. Your Beloved is somewhere looking up at the stars wondering how if they exist then there must be another. You deserve this, true twin flame high vibration love. This is what you are, star light, bliss and power. Within your blueprint.

I have experienced the depths of the difference in experience of life on Earth. I have lived in deep separation for many years and seen that so clearly in my own and others Toxicity. I believe it is through my addictions that I began to heal this, or uncover this learning. Although every time I begin to tell this story the reason or beginning is always different and I reserve the right to constantly change my mind.

With the combination of an awareness of the power of my thoughts and the connection with my heart and souls blueprint I feel I have mastered the way to stay connected with bliss and experience the transformation of relationships. Especially those of the closest of loved ones, I have found and felt my soul family. Felt the burn of them, the protection, the guidance and ultimately the flow of Rose Unconditional Love. The soul family of Angelics also who I can see with my minds eye, I see their wings expanding and feel the deep rest of their presence in my daily life. This is a constant adjustment on my part, to tune in, to be aware of what is coming up and a blending of flesh. And I tell you this dear reader without any sexual vibe, this is from a place on enlightenment. This is peaceful, peace for me and from this place of great stability I can write this blog for you to feel this and if you choose to look in the same direction as me. We have choice, our choices are what make us human. We can chose our own well-being, be radically selfish and therefore be able to be a safe place for those we love and maybe those we hate too!

I practise something known as EFT Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique and Transforming Blockages. I work for the NHS also, the National Health Service as a Genetic Technologist. But it is through my experience of mothering with my daughter that I truly experienced selflessness, but also witnessed the blessing of God that is becoming a mum. And now have the pleasure of healing a deeply karmic relationship. How two people can transform together, this is also a selfless experience. Forgiveness and how the way you think of a person can affect their well-being so much. Basically you can think someone better, including yourself first of course. Holding a person souls type in your minds eye and clearing every challenge that inevitably comes up until only love and bliss exist and you can be free of any discordant behaviour. This is Soul growth and also Twin Flame Union.



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