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I am here whether you see me or not.

On the 14th march 2024 the Screen Harmoniser and Connection Hearts will be four years old. On this day 4 years ago a lady called Emma came to my house in Frome amidst the Lockdown dramas and bought the first Screen Harmoniser. Emma had seen me go through the process of creating this product and I remember that moment and knew I had a friend for life. This woman is one of the many amazing women who have engaged, played and loved this product and concept with me and my daughter. To date here are the names of some of the women and men (and kiddywinks) who have tried and tested this product.

Barnaby and Annabelle (mum Sarah), Hannah and her boys, Helen and her Kali, Joyce, Charlie and Frances, Joey and Josie, Isabella and her two girls, Elena and Ares, Angela and her son, Jendaye and Keijah/Shadae and Eli, Becky and her two children, Jessica and her daughter, Jud and Rose and many others whose names escape me.

I have conducted three Healing Programmes again throughout lockdown, where I guided mammas and bereaved mammas through their healing journey. Through eight weeks of connection these women showed a doubling of their wellbeing scale. we Tapped/Chatted and Visioned. They found in the areas of emotional health a 30% increase in well-being, in mental well-being their a 50% increase - expressing feelings of beauty and connection, for spirituality the participants results were a 40% increase in well-being and also physically experiencing a 50% increase in well-ness. One participant spoke of connecting with one of her babies that she had lost through stillbirth, how through learning Ho'Pono'Pon she was able to connect with the soul of the baby and experience forgiveness and sacred soul love. Another was able to celebrate getting pregnant during the healing programme and share this joy. We connected in our parenting through the horrendous times and the pure sacred soul bliss too.

Overall the results speak for themselves and these programmes are part of my hearts mission to support parents and to increase heart connection between parent and child. One woman, a mother of two expressed a deep gratitude for the healing programme having supported her soul connection with her mum which was particularly poignant as her mum was very unwell at the time and facing a terminal prognosis in her care.

For me through my own horrendous experience of separation and struggles with parenting I have been forced to go on a healing journey and now after 7 or 8 years of doing so in a place where I can be a guide for those wanting to increase their heart connection, those that sense the vastness of the soul. These eight years of healing are what I speak about within the hearts group and my own experience of the journey of redemption, healing and ultimate union within. I am astounded how always always there is a story of love, of forgiveness through the most hard situations. If you feel you want to delve in a spiritual practise, if you feel in need of healing and want to invest in your own family let me know and become a pioneer family or a tester family. And let's connect and feel better together and have 'no more tantrums' please! You are becoming the love that you are.

Quote from the Love Tarot...

"A goddess lies upon her sea of love under a full moon of celebration. All is possible in this loving, easy space. She does not feel exposed or vulnerable in her nakedness, but confident, open and sincere in her devotion to heal all. She has healed herself and has moved beyond fear into love. The hearts are symbolic of the love she has found for herself. She is becoming what she feels and knows. All resistance to love melts away into the calm waters of restoration. Struggle and fear has transformed into green, healing energy that flows into a great, healing ocean for the benefit of all. Can you feel it?"

Let's Connect and the connection hearts are a lifes mission, this work will be with me till I die and will hopefully live on after I am gone. I am in no rush with this work and patience for me is what I have to learn over and over. I am here for you and your family, I know that as long as you and I have a heart beating in our chests then we can do anything and we can be anything we desire.

Jen x

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