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The art of crying

Crying eye

No.1 The foetal position cry Now this one is my all time favourite as it’s the old cocoon, safe womb position. I have many time at the end of a full on single parenting day where we’ve been cycling with family, three fulls meals cooked, from am to pm I have been super fucking duper mum. So all I want to do of course is tuck my little angel into bed so I can creep downstairs to cry for a long time with my face squashed up against my sheep skin.

No.2 The car cry Well, now I think about it maybe this one is my favourite. It’s the end of a long day at work, or even the break of dawn at the start of a long journey to some pissing theme park and the babes asleep in the back - ‘you gasp, yes I will get a sneaky cry in now - aww thank God for Mariah Carey, Coldplay and the millions of other songs that have accompanied my tears’. Crank up the volume (child sleep depth pending) and just sink into your face, full of emotion, full of blood as the tears roll and the ice burg of your mind melts away - Bliss!

No.3 The out of friggin no where cry This one makes me laugh, a smirk of naughtiness. One minute you’re fine and dandy and then suddenly some smell or noise or melody and what the doosh out of no where you’re hand is over your face and your crying beautifully into you palms and then you laugh. This cry is generally tears of joy or overwhelm, a little pick me up cry, the espresso of the crying world. A quick fix to get you back on track.

No.4 The relentless cry An evening of many crying sessions, one after the other. This kind of crying does not stop, or it feels that way anyway. A cry where you think oh yes that’s better and then oh no here we go again and again and again. The kind of crying where you actually have to stop to eat and drink you feel so drained, re fuel as it were. The crying is so deep and unconscious that possibly getting your pendulum out or having a little word with God/Goddess about it. The kind of cry where everything becomes sad, everything becomes broken and faulty. This crying can really get you connected with the Devine because there’s no where else to turn, no human being could hold space for this type of cry.

No.5 The work cry This crying is extremely accommodating, in that it can be turned off and on very efficiently. The run to the toilet cry (maybe this should be a separate one?), where you just need a minute to get back to that Tissue culture set up or Karyotype. It deserves its own title for sure as this one is used the most probably as it just fills in the gaps of ones day so that the balance is maintained regularly. No.6 The I’m not sure if I’m angry or not cry This one involves pillow punching and SWEARING a lot! The cry where your face is full of rage and terror just as much as tears. The kind of cry that hurts acutely and probably needs a hot bath cry afterwards. The little lost child cry, the I’ve been abandoned too much cry.

No.7 The weepy long stretched out hot bath cry Sometimes I can only cry about certain things in the bath. Only warm bubbly water can hold this grief and pain, my body shakes and then goes numb. Time stops and waves of deep sadness flow through my body. Baths are truly awesome in these situations and the water Goddess can take anything. No.8 The overwhelm at the beauty of it all cry This one is fairly new to me, about a year or so I’ve been practising this cry. Where overwhelm starts the crying and then my heart swells and my whole body tingles with the warmth of unconditional universal love. I can’t quite believe how perfect and beautiful my life is and how everything is going to be ok. The ‘it’s all happening to plan and I am loved always cry’ - this cry is blissful and I radiate when this cry occurs.

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