Initially it is good to sit and allow you, the client to express what is on top at the moment and what brought you to reach out for healing.  I work to empower you to feel your own strength.

Healing is a delicate process and deserves patience and respect.  I am your guide to show you the path of least resistance so you can identify where the blocks are and what is the source of your trauma.  If we can see our biggest traumas as our biggest strengths we can really flourish and enjoy our lives beyond our wildest dreams.

I will mix in the healing work with the teaching so you will have tools to take into your daily life and also have an opportunity to heal and relax deeply.

£50 for first session, £60 thereafter.

What happens in a group session?

They consist of a group of beautiful souls, so provide a group setting but still with some intimacy.  Within the session each member will have an opportunity to share to the group.

Confidential space without judgement or conditions.  Being able to learn how to love and accept ourselves primarily and therefore all the challenges we face on a daily basis.  How do we treat ourselves?  How do we see our world around us?  What voices go on inside?

07748758834 (call or text)

You are love

Jen Pridgeon

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