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Pink Sugar

Here is list of all the therapies that Jen utilises;

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Similar to talk therapy, but with a physical component (that can go deeper and faster than talk therapy)

  • Like acupuncture without the use of needles.  It involves tapping on various points whilst focusing on the issue

  • Shown to be very effective, particularly for reducing pain and the symptoms of trauma to negligible levels

  • Process to identify and eliminate your unconscious blocks to success so that you can achieve your goals more easily

  • DIY (Do It Yourself) technique that is a very empowering for clearing issues

  • EFT has a calming affect on the amygdala which is the well known fight or flight part of the brain

  • Medical professionals (see video below) use it..

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Pink Sugar

Meditation and visualisations 

  • During a healing session, people go through a process that induces a trance-like state that helps them focus their minds, respond more readily to transforming old belief patterns

  • Family visualisation methods to support healing for parent-child challenges, trauma, abuse and grief.  Visualisations can be very powerful and enlightening and can be used for loved ones who have passed on or in relation to illness or estranged relationships.

Pink Sugar

Akashic Records Journeying

  • Learning to access your own Akashic Records is a wonderful, pure and clear way of receiving guidance direct from your own Souls records.  This method of therapy can be very supportive for parenting issues to help you better understand your child.  This is a therapeutic tool that is most powerful for bringing your whole life into a higher vibration of living and being.

Pink Sugar


  • With the use of models we can investigate and unpack family dynamics and personal blocks using these models.  You may be feeling trauma that has been passed on along the family lineage for example.  This is a wonderful tool to use for healing any unhelpful dynamic.

Pink Sugar


  • This is the method of building communication between you and loved ones who have passed on.  Mediation through mediumship is simply a process of building our sensitivity to the subtle movements of the Soul and we can learn how to be able to sense this through practise and Sacred protocols.

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