Let's Connect and Feel Better -

The Parenting Programme

This programme is for any individual or couple who has embarked on the journey to parenting whether you have children or not, whether this journey has been filled with joy or deep sadness.  This programme is for you to come home to your true authentic self.   

This programme operates on a monthly sign up basis.  Let's Connect and Feel Better offers a soothing and loving environment for you to transform your deepest pain and connect with like minded beings.

I've had wonderful experiences working with Jennifer and the Angels both 1 to 1 and as a group. (in person and virtually)

We have worked on past, present and future issues and amazing things have happened. Highly recommended, I look forward to next week xx


Below are all the options of level of connection that are on offer.  There are four variations that you can choose from.  Plus the cost of add ons when bought separately.

Email to reserve your spot: jennifer.pridgeon@yahoo.co.uk


Programme Options;


Full On Connection

£40 per month per person

  • Access to Whats App group - A space for connection for parents, weekly themes for each participant to focus on.  

Beginning with introductions, each participant will introduce themselves to the group through a video.  This sets the tone or theme for the whole month.

Second week we focus on relationships, each participant will share their experiences with relationships.  

Third week we look into our hearts desire in terms of our work or career, our purpose here on Earth.

The last week is an open week for themes that have arisen  through-out the month.

  • Access to the weekly healing session (1hr) on Zoom - Weekly self-care relaxation session, we do some yoga/embodiment exercises to bring movement to the body and calming to the mind and then the second half is a meditation part.  These sessions are recorded.

  • Let’s Connect Manual - A culmination of tools for growth, healing and development in regards to your parenting and your own self-care.  This manual is packed with highly researched methods and perspectives and also the more experiential methods.  Everything from the manual will be what I bring into the sessions and feedback videos.  This is a large pdf file.


Full On Connection + Personal Video Feedback from Jen 

£60 per month per person

Everything within ‘Full On Connection’ plus:

  • Personal Video Feedback from Jen, given through the Whats App group.  I will tune into your videos and offer specific healing for your own story through a feedback video within the Whats App group.  All the videos are shared within the What’s App group to allow the power of the group and synchronicity to be expressed.



Full On Connection + Personal Video Feedback from Jen + A Screen Harmoniser 

£60 per month per person + £60 Screen Harmoniser  = £120 in total

Everything within ‘Full On Connection + Personal Video Feedback from Jen’ plus:

A beautiful Screen Harmoniser.  This amazing innovative tool is to support parents in those stressful moments when taking your children off the screen.  The Harmoniser can be used as a preventative measure so your child begins to associate the turning off of the screens with wonderful fun moments with you, their most beloved parent.  This is massive, the child will develop amazing habits with regards to tech and their screens.  As a parent you are hard wiring your childs brain to associate coming off their screens with love and connection.  This will build an amazing resilience with regards to your child’s future relationship with their own mobile phones and tablets.


Full On Connection + Personal Video Feedback from Jen + A Screen Harmoniser + Deeply nourishing One on one session with Jen

£60 per month per person+ £60 Screen Harmoniser + £45 One on one session with Jen (when bought all together) = £165 in total

All of the above plus a deeply nourishing one on one session with Jen.  Within this deeply transformative space you can go deeply into those blocks that you are ready to transform.  These sessions are client lead, in that you are encouraged to dive into your own power and guidance.  These sessions are recorded to allow you to go back and go deeper into your session guidance.


Add Ons; 

One on one session, Buy a Harmoniser or a set of Hearts separately.


One on one soul healing session with Jen - £50/1st session, £60 thereafter.


A Screen Harmoniser - £69 (Screen Cover and a set of 10 hearts).  

A set of 10 Hearts - £40 

Meet Your Facilitator

Parenting from a self healing perspective is a deeply psycho-spiritual path whose primary focus is aligning you with your True Higher Self.  

I use intuition and guidance from Universal/God/Divine Spirit source to support and empower you on your journey.  


Jennifer’s Credentials

My scientific training and Biomedical experience supports my perspective of blending the latest energy psychology modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and deeply authentic traditional meditative practices.  The concept of neuro-plasticity (the brain is malleable and capable of change) is key within my practise, neurones that fire together wire together! Norman Doidge MD. 


I am here to be a vessel of unconditional love for you, to show you the true mirror of beauty and endless energy you hold in yourself.  I am client lead which means you are the leader and I am your guide.  I have a Masters degree in Bio-Medical Science and training in various healing modalities including Hand in Hand and Broad spectrum Healing with Earthworks.


Ever since I was a child, I have had the gift of helping people connect with their own Higher Source Guidance in order bring to them the information they need when they need it. This has happened with family, friends, and strangers. Sometimes people are in my life for long periods of time. Other times I meet someone on the bus who starts telling me everything about themselves while saying, 'I never tell anyone this stuff.'  And I’ll find myself giving them information that I somehow know they need to hear. There is a place within all of us that connects us to this vast amount of energy and love.  I would like to support you to access this place,  to identify the blocks that come up and to transform these blocks to serve you.  I’ve gotten really good at 'getting out of the way' and letting true soul essence speak. Simply bringing the information into someone’s consciousness has helped people shift their lives in amazing ways. It’s just what I do.

You are love.

Jen Pridgeon

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