The Programme - Roxanne's Testimonial
The Programme - Elena's Testimonial

I have been going through a very painful stage in my life. I don’t want to talk about the details but suffice to say it’s been heartbreaking. I thought I should go maybe see a psychic, I have been to one ages ago. But I found it’s not what I needed. I was intrigued by a response to a post I made about finding one. She just said, ‘I am here’. So I went not really knowing about her. I have been going through this journey with her for the last two months. She is a healer but also uses science. Which I really wanted to find. I cannot tell you how much better I am doing. Heading toward a major breakthrough. Although we have smaller breakthroughs after every session! My inner self is getting stronger, but I’m still stuck with my physical issues. As they are autoimmune diseases you never know what will happen! Anyway this amazing woman lives here in our lovely little town and with lockdown we use Zoom. I want you all to know how much this has helped me. We have a lot more to unwrap! Her name is Jennifer Pridgeon. She is amazing, but no one had better try booking my spot on Tuesdays at 4! Also I still find meditating really hard to do. Healing is happening and now I am learning how to do this. 



Client Testimonial - Emma Haines
The Programme - Emma's Testimonial

My reading with Jenn was very heart felt, even though the reading was done through a computer I was still able to feel tingles over my body and a sense of opening my heart to receive the guidance. It was at a relaxing pace so nothing was rushed and I had plenty of time to reflect which encouraged me to dig deep into my mind and body for the questions I now felt had been answered. Working with myself - Jenn felt an embodying breathing exercise would be beneficial, I agree it felt strange to start with, however since a week or two has past I have been using this technique to keep me feeling grounded!


Jenn was able to read the cards to me in a way which was so personal and the beauty of that is she doesn't know for fact what I'm working through but she had clearly felt it and that is a powerful gift to be able to give. 


I look forward to having a reading face to face at some point to be able to share the energies between us within stillness!


Thank you ever so much Jenn!


So powerful Jen,


I feel so special right now. I feel like we shared a magnificent occasion. I love that you are so aware and so enlightened yourself - your words just speak to my heart and always have.


I've had wonderful experiences working with Jennifer and the Angels both 1 to 1 and as a group. (in person and virtually)

We have worked on past, present and future issues and amazing things have happened. Highly recommended, I look forward to next week xx



Working with Jen helps me to better connect to my inner wisdom and knowledge.  She can hold that space for me and has a range of healing tools up her sleeve to support me  on the way.  After a session with Jen, whatever I am working through seems to just fall into place.  Jen, your healing work is beautiful, flexible, non-judgemental and done with a lot of love.




07748758834 (call or text)


You are love

Jen Pridgeon

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