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An example session with a client
Healing Session Example with a client - Jovenna

One on one - Healing session 


Healing session - £50/hr for the first session and the £60/hr thereafter.  This is also dependent on room hire costs.


This can be in person or online, both are just as powerful.  

I am based in Frome and can come to your home or meet at a hired space in Frome.   



Soul Healing Group Sessions

 Currently I am running sessions on Zoom on Tuesday's at 8pm.  Please contact me if you'd like to join.  07748758834.  I also have a Whats App group for everyone to receive a direct link with me, just message me to join this group.

  • Each session we will do meditative journeys, to meet your guardian angel, to access your own soul records, to receive guidance from your Akashic guide and whatever Spirit has in store also.


  • Each session we will have the opportunity to share, open the chakras and energy centres.  With everyones permissions sessions are recorded so participants can go back and study the contents at their own pace.

  • Within this group we will create a healing space to go deep within the Soul and begin to start a dialogue with our higher self, our Divine self, to embark on the journey of ensouling the body. I bring in deep Spiritual practise and also Scientific energy psychology tools. I work in a multi dimensional fashion to allow for a broad healing and clearing to allow the beautiful Phoenix that is you to be reborn.

  • From my heart to yours I want to show you this sweetest of energies, your soul, so pure and true. The states of deep bliss and peace, the calmness and expanse that unfolds as we open our crown to let the pure white light flow into our being. Like a huge wave on the surf that reaches so high and then bubbles and crashes, it’s exciting and powerful and it is within you bursting to come out and play. Once we experience what Heaven feels like it's difficult to accept anything less.

    Join me LIVE by following this link its that easy! MIXED GROUP LINK

  • Arrive 5 mins before to settle in and say hi come as you are!

  • Donations are welcome, suggestions to help you £ 5,8,10,12.


Soul Healing Group Sessions For Men

I am starting a group solely for men (or for those who identify as a man).  

I feel there is a silent scream from men and as I write tears stream.

As a woman I feel very held by other women, in my inner world and in the exterior world. But I wonder is this the same for you? Are you connected to the world around you? Do you feel alive?

I feel that in this movement there is a space opening for men to do the same. To step into their Divinity, their hearts and their true voice. And to clear what blocks you from this.  And as a woman myself I feel this adds an edge that can make this healing even more powerful which for me is exciting.

The programmes that men are healing from are huge, war, shut-down, feeling enough, fear of failure to name a few. And how do men relate to women? Damned if they are chivalrous and cursed if they are not!

So if you feel pulled to be in a space where you can come into your body, step into your shadow and be held by the Beloved Mother Divine, to be held and loved.

We will meet ONLINE 🌻 on Monday’s at 8pm on Zoom, come as you are.

Join me LIVE by following this link it’s that easy!  - MENS GROUP LINK

  • Arrive 5 mins before to settle in and say hi come as you are!

  • Donations are welcome, suggestions to help you £ 5,8,10. 



Waking up is an endless loss of what you think you know, like a wave of destruction that leaves nothing, but what is true. —Unmani

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