Click here for instructions on how to measure your TV screen


The sizes are an over sized measurement as there is adjustable elastic on the covers but if they are a whole different size they will not fit snuggly.


The diameter of your screen will tell you the correct size and which ‘Screen Harmoniser” will fit on your Tele.


This Screen Harmoniser is tool to support parents to bring more harmony around screens in their home.  This is for 32" diameter sized TV.


The diameter is the width from one corner to the opposite diagonal corner.


32” (diameter of screen) sized TV -

47 cm High / 82 cm Wide 

Screen Harmoniser for a 32" diameter TV

  • The 'Screen Harmoniser', created by me, Jennifer Pridgeon and my daughter Tanisha, can be used to encourage connection between child and parent through non-screen related activities – an invitation to do something else together.

    In the box you will find a Screen Cover that can be used to give your screen a nap, a set of 10 Connection Hearts featuring the characters ‘Rose’ and ‘Sam’ to inspire possibilities of what to do instead!  And an all important instruction manual.

    We created this product to support parents with establishing good habits around screens for their children. As with learning a language or new skill, habits are easier to establish when you are a child, so in this respect establishing a harmonious atmosphere around screens is the best start you can provide for your child when it comes to technology.

    The Screen Harmoniser is made in the UK (Frome, Somerset) using 100% organic and recycled cotton, eco-friendly inks with no toxic chemicals and environmentally friendly packaging.

    The fabric screen cover and connection hearts are machine washable at max 30°C. Do NOT tumble dry.

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