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Power of your thoughts 

From my perspective


After reading and learning more about the power of thought from 'Bruce Lipton MD' and my own instinctual knowing, I have come to see that it is through our awareness of our body that the return journey to our own natural state of wholeness can occur.


The Devine power of disease

The disease and discomfort we feel through our bodies however cruel it may seem does force us to focus on ourselves, to seek a way to ease our discomfort.  And as it becomes more blindingly obvious that we cannot control nature through pharmaceuticals we have to reach out for other methods of healing.  This is not to say that some areas of drug treatment are not absolutely necessary and worth while also, there is just more to medicine than pharmaceuticals.


Our body by design wants to stay alive and if we are not looking after our body (through our own unconscious activities) then disease can manifest almost like a self destruct mechanism.  I have observed that illness can serve the Divine purpose of bringing our bodies discomfort into our consciousness but also it can be for our higher souls growth, it is through ones own self mastery that we can determine the difference.  For example throughout the years that I was in a highly sexed relationship which involved a myriad of sexual assaults and rape, a lot of the time I had cystitis or varying levels of thrush.  I realise now that my whole pelvic area was expressing its discomfort but also my body was doing it’s best to prevent me from being violated by making me feel pain in these delicate areas, it was trying to protect me using the best awareness method that it has - Pain!  At the time of course I was not aware of this Divine action but I was forced to not  have sex and to honour my pain and discomfort and ignore my ego’s desire to please my partner despite the discomfort it brought me.  Of course it was only years later that I connected the dots.


I love how through Neuro-plasticity the West and East perspectives on medicine are coming into balance.   There is an acknowledgement of what has long been understood in the East, which is the holistic aspect of health, which has always seemed too far fetched in Western medicine.  Through practises such as mindfulness, the mainstreaming of yoga and benefits of healthy nutrition more and more these other environmental influences are being acknowledged in our culture as being important to any ill health.  But as an NHS employee for over a decade and an extreme supporter of free healthcare I want to see all these developments being applied at the front line not just on you tube!  I want to see the filtering happening more rapidly to those that need it most, to those patients and their physicians, I want to see wellbeing and the practise of connection and joy as mandatory!  


If the person that is meant to be supporting your return to health feels stressed and exhausted on a regular basis how can they help someone else feel better?


Bruce Lipton lecture - History of genetics, Epi genetics, mind, stress and more  


50 trillion cells make up what you see in the mirror, you see a whole body but there is so much more going on.  The aim of science in the past was to obtain knowledge that can be used to control and dominate nature and then design chemicals through drugs to manipulate the body to help eradicate the symptoms.   So the question arose, where is the control within the human machine?  Watson and Crick discovered what we know now as DNA - And we then believed that ones fate and your physical structure is all programmed by the DNA.  This is known as the Central Dogma, which they invented, it’s like the ten commandments of DNA.


The Central Dogma teaches that genes are the controlling device, which makes you feel powerless and when you feel powerless you can be irresponsible.  For me personally when I came to the realisation that my abusive relationship was something I could choose not to be a part of, this came with a great sense of responsibility and power, and then of course I chose not to be a part of it anymore.  If a healing profession works with nature and science then that has a healing benefit to the patient but if there is no acknowledgment of  either nature or science then healing may not occur but amount to merely a suppression of the symptoms.  Wholeness equals entanglement.  Illness is not just the physical body, it is everything.  There are good vibes and there are bad vibes.   If we were taught when we are young to be sensitive to vibrations then we would not go to bad vibrations, most were taught to suppress their feelings and listen to  the  words of the adults in charge.  All organisms communicate by vibrations, we as humans have that ability but are not trained to use them.  New quantum mechanics says look at the waves and the field not the particles.  You are energy waves interacting with each other.  Current medicine fails because it wants to understand the health and disease of the human body but it does not understand the field.  We age because we collectively believe in ageing, the collective mind controls the body.


What makes proteins different shapes?  A protein has a back bone structure, the individual back bone pieces are called amino acids.  There are 20 different shaped amino acids, connected by peptide bonds.  These proteins respond to the vibrations around them.  Protein plus the signal affects the behaviour, either the protein is bad or the signal is bad.  Trauma, toxins and thoughts affect the signal that goes with the protein.  You and the cell are the same.  Within a cell, the membrane is the brain of the cell, the nucleus is  the gonads of the cell.  Previously it was thought that the nucleus was the brain but cells can still function without the nucleus but they cannot multiply.  So for a human, our skin is the brain of our bodies.  All receptors are built into the skin, eyes, ears, nose and hands.  Signal transduction (perception) controls behaviour.  Perception definition is; awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation.  It is you who controls your perception of the way you see the world which then controls your biology.  Perception controls behaviour, the protein which is the physical part is controlled by our perception.  Genes do not make the decisions, a gene is a blueprint, not the finished product.  Chromosomes are made up of 50% protein and 50% DNA.  A chromosome is a DNA core with a protein sleeve.  This is epigenetic control as opposed to genetic control.  Epi genetic means control above the genes.  The gene does not control, the gene is either read or not read, what controls the gene? = Our perception.


When this knowledge becomes more available to the public it returns the responsibility of your health to the person.


If you tell someone that you could have the cancer that your mother had, you can create that disease through the power of the persons belief that they are doomed to develop cancer and die.

You learn perceptions from your environment, sometimes our perceptions can be wrong so they are more like beliefs.  You are a community of 50 trillion cells. Every cell is intelligent but when they are part of a community they give up their personal intelligence for the communal voice.  1/3 of all medical healings are the result of the placebo effect which is the result of the positive thought.  No-cebo can kill you (negative thinking) for example if a doctor tells you that you will die then the thought that you believe the prognosis from the doctor this have a negative effect on you and your health.  Stress will point energy towards protecting the body so will take energy away from the viscera part of the  body and when you are under stress you are less intelligent.  Stress shuts down your life.  Stress hormones takes the energy from the body to run or fight and therefore shuts off any energy to the  parts that are not needed for fight or flight.  If you are in stress then any bacteria or microbes have an opportunity to infect the body as it is vulnerable because the immune system is shut down because it is not as important as surviving.


If you want love it is not just the absence of stress that you need but the presence of wellness and happiness.


Where do perceptions come from?


  1. Genetics - Our inbuilt natural instincts.= NATURE

  2. Subconscious mind - our learned habits.= NUTURE

  3. Self-conscious mind (creative programming)  = CONSCIOUSNESS


Our consciousness is the most powerful tool we have.


Conscious self is an add on option, it is slow and creative and can generate free will.  Involuntary control was thought to be controlled only by the unconscious mind.  Most of the day you are not playing programs that you personally want, you are playing programmes that you were given by your environment within the first 6 years of your life. But you were not aware this, our subconscious mind (original mammal brain) -  40 million BITS per second, fastened habitual - prefrontal cortex.

Bruce Liptons presentation on Biology of Belief

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