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What makes us look good, makes us feel empty

From when I created the Screen Harmoniser I began this journey with every single person that comes into contact with me in regards to the product. Its like, hold on a minute.....I don't have a problem with phones, or TVs. I don't have problem with Tablets, or Youtube, I don't have a problem with fucking Daz games, I don't have a problem with Tic Toc or FACEBOOK ads. I absolutely am totally fine with Minecraft, Pokemon games, Netflix, Disney Plus or Sky TV. I am absolutely fine with FACEBOOK Groups, FACEBOOK profiles, FACEBOOK followers and Instagram Business and/or personal. I feel completely ok with Youtube Editor and I am completely at peace with Instagram stories, Instagram reels and Instagram thumb nails. I feel completely tranquil about Audio books, Gaia App and I love love the Shazam app. I do not have a problem at all with Whats App or Facebook Messenger or Snap Chat. In fact in all honesty I think Snap Chat is actually my favourite thing in the world. I feel that actually Snap Chat is why I am here, why I exist in this world. I in my heart or hearts, deep in my belly and soul I feel that the App called Snap Chat is what I live for, I want to watch Snap Chat grow and learn, I want to touch the beautiful soft plastic of my phone and press the buttons that lead me to Snap Chat and feel the blessings and comfort and excitement that Snap Chat brings to my life on a daily basis.

Oh no wait sorry I think thats people, I got that wrong just then for a minute. Its people that I feel this way about, I feel that way about Helen, Jessica, I feel this way about my daughter, my beautiful living breathing growing creative sassy daughter. About her father, Rick. I want to be here for my coworkers, Jess and Katie, for Pauline, Jenny and Emma! I want to hear how my brother is doing, my cat Polly. I want to spend time with my Dads friends, Richard and John. I want to spend time with my lovely lovely friend Chris and hear how his week has been. I want to sing and bitch and moan and I want to go shopping and drive to Ikea with my mum. I want to explore and work with my colleagues, Jen, Andy and Beth. My team at work that do NGS genetics all day long! Joan, Sarah, Ros, Linnea and I could go on and on.... Helens, Yumei, Sam and Micheal and Matt and all the others people I work with. I want to support PEOPLE to feel better using EFT Tapping and beautiful Do'Terra oils from Paris, my buddy in Frome who has a sassy beautiful teen as well! I want to chat and laugh with my main dudette Charlie and her beautiful daughter Frances. I want to go to the river with Katie every weekend and Joey and Rich and Josie. I want to run and run and run across fields, pathways, streets and flocks of birdies and running horses with my RUNNING Group buddies! I want to be so afraid that I don't get to spend enough time with ALL the people in my life that I NEVER EVER have to answer another fucking question about whether I have an issue with Phones or TVs because trust me I do not and never ever will have an issue with phones.


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