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For seven years I have been on a journey of healing, with my evolutionary partner. I have always felt a massive confusion at "why", why would "people" do that? Especially in regards to politices, I felt this in regards to my love life also but this has a slightly different flavour, like herbs and spices there is a subtle difference but basically its stuff you add to your food to enhance your beautiful "Burger" or "Curry". This feeling is horrible, the yearning and longing and until 2015 I didn't know how to manage that and what it was. I blamed all of my pain on others, outside of myself and separate to my experience or responsibility.

I was in this cycle in a destructive way.

My longing lives within in, within my human given capabilities to feel, to discern and to love. To love beyond measure, beyond what the constructs of society has given me through my own blueprint. I am a Genetic Technologist and I have always been fascinated by the beauty of Science, it just makes sense to me.

This coming week is Mental Health Awareness Week, 13-18th May and the topic is movement. And for me from my teenage years when I realised I felt better after doing my aerobics video in my family living room, three times (at least) a week I would kick everyone out of the living room and do aerobics with the "Y Plan". It was hard but I always felt better afterwards, but it was a sort of giving up to movement. As a child I didn't have to consciously think of moving and I never had problems with my weight or getting enough exercise. For me I struggled with breathing and had bouts of Mild Asthma, I experienced it worse on walking up the huge long hill that we lived off. This movement was sweaty, slow and hard on my Asthma symptoms but obviously I did it and my Asthma isn't an issue now. Now its my blood pressure!

I feel movement in regards to mental health is about balance, because what if the thing that you always relied upon to keep you balanced and mentally robust goes? What if your cornerstone of equilibrium is suddenly gone? Or gradually in my case, I get dizzy a lot and sometimes it is unbearable. And it is a dizzy that comes when I am moving (as I know there are types of vertigo that happens when you're led down). So for my mental health week I will be pledging to explore and put measures in place to help with my dizziness, such as seeing my GP, eating my smoothies and taking regular meditative rest at work and home.

What is your longing? Do you long for health? Do you long for marriage? What about a child? Do you long for success in your career? And is really hurting right now?

Let your self go into that longing and speak this to yourself, ask yourself this question. For more guidance please book your complimentary session (for new clients) with me and/or join my FACEBOOK group for Live tapping and daily positive affirmations and videos.

Shalom Shakti...(peace and blessings)

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