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Hold me tight whilst I sleep

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Back in January I hit a really low place, I felt lost and empty. I would describe this as a constant low mood and feeling I had no-one close to me (Also I wasn't physically close with anyone). A disconnection of my mind, heart and body. I surprisingly reconnected with someone I did not expect to connect with. With ongoing challenges also around creating a stable income from all the work done on Let's Connect and Feel Better and the Screen Harmoniser. How to sell this, how to develop the concept, how to get people interested at all, as I didn't even feel here on Earth. Deep breathes... so I am a little more here now thanks to regular, weekly and daily support from my daughters father, Rick. Yes, the person I tried to take to court for sexual abuse and rape. Mad isn't it, I know.

What really shifted me was on accessing his Akashic Records to connect with his soul I was shown an Angel, with the same soul pattern as our daughter, Tanisha. And from feeling so dumped and abandoned by my Twin Soul and a close friend I suddenly felt protected, loved and needed. I also connected with my anger and heart ache for the lack of relationship with my Twin Soul. I still feel this every day, I live with this pain now and try not to push this away whilst trying to be grateful for everything this relationship gives me.

And with remnants of COVID regulation confusion, do we shake hands now? Do we hug? Do we worry about coughing in public? Skin sensations heightened to the point of explosion or extreme loneliness. As a global community we begin to rebuild physical boundaries, physical etiquettes and managing our wellness all the while.

So here I am, still a few thousand away from having not a penny to my name and a pile of Screen Harmonisers doing fuck all at the moment... on the day of receiving a Business Support Grant from Somerset County Council after three months of applying and then appealing. I am excited for this next stage and what feels like the final try at going for a profit making, issue solving, space providing community for parents of all descriptions. A product that is trying to support healthy habits in the home around screens. But healthy habits can only be formed if you have someone human to provide you with the option of not having to rely on the screen for all stimulation. Something which I still do myself, I still sit and watch episode after episode of 'Stranger Things' currently, sit and watch a random rom com or a timeless Friends episode. I am addicted to Film, TV, Netflix and sometimes I am so lonely that I have to go for a walk just to have some eye contact with a passerby. Its sickening and I need this community just as much as I hope some of you do too?

So here's the offer...

Co-parenting monthly membership; £35 per month. Evening co-parenting. Free use of a Screen Harmoniser for duration. Access to a community of like minded parents. Weekly Relaxation Session. Family planning sessions. Education slots and much more...

Because connection is everything.

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