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Are you an Empath?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Do you feel everything around you to the point of despair as if the whole worlds issues are yours? The pain of the planet is on your shoulders? Have you ever considered you are an empath, all of us to a certain extent are empathic. Do you walk away from a meeting with a friend feeling as if you are

moving like them or feel deeply affected when you tap into a horrifying story on the news? For some of us this profound gift can feel like an extreme burden or we are not even aware that this is happening - If so welcome, you are highly empathic! Whoop whoop, feel baby!

Well from a lifetime of feeling and most of the time cutting off this gift by leaving my body on a regular basis or numbing out with drugs or alcohol, or projecting my despair on others I can give some great tips and advice on how to manage this gift. Now I say that with deep gratitude at this point in my journey, I am grateful for this gift. For me I could not understand why the world was so "terrible", I could not comprehend this in my mind but little did I know this was to be one of my Divine gifts. I can feel the weight of pain in another human being, in the collective masculine consciousness, in a little baby crying, in a wilting plant etc... You put anything in front of me and I will tap into its feeling no matter how dense or disconnected it is. My daughter mirrors this gift to me when she despairs if there is a "pebble" for example that sits alone from all the other pebbles, she cry tears of sadness for this lonesome pebble.

So how to deal with this gift.

1. Everything that comes into your field is a mirror to your own unconscious pain - be aware of these mirrors.

2. When an event/person triggers you, feel how your body responds and where in your body or if you cannot feel anything.

3. Have an awareness of energies that are NOT your own and protect yourself as best you can.

4. In every moment/thought formation try to remember to send love to yourself, forgive yourself, be compassionate towards your decisions.

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