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What is the product?

The 'Screen Harmoniser' is a parenting support tool, created by me, Jennifer Pridgeon and my daughter Tanisha.  The 'Screen Harmoniser' encourages connection between child and parent by highlighting the deep love that is already present.

I created this product to support parents with establishing good habits around screens for their children.  As with learning a language or new skill, habits are easier to establish when you are a child, so in this respect establishing a harmonious atmosphere around screens is the best start you can provide for your child when it comes to technology.  


This product consists of 10 connection hearts. a screen cover made with organic recycled cotton and an instruction manual.   10 heart shaped offerings of simple homely activities with the characters Rose and Sam to demonstrate.

Each image is an invitation for connection, through very simple activities that every one can relate to.  The product points to something we all have within us -  Unconditional Love for our children.   This love can move mountains and it is not something new, it can be hidden by stress or exhaustion but it is always present driving us to be better for our children and therefore for ourselves.

There are covers for television screens - 32", 40" and 43" currently. 


Coming soon are laptop screen covers - 13.3" and 15.4"and tablet screen covers - 10.1" currently.





















Vision of Let's Connect Screen Harmoniser

To empower parents to bring harmony around screens for the whole family.  To highlight the value of simple loving connection within the family and establish healthy habits with screen tech from a young age.  Encourage parents to build a better balance with all screens in their family home.

How will the Let's Connect Screen Harmoniser achieve this vision?

By providing a lovely product that parents can use when encouraging their child to disconnect from their screen and connect with them.  

Future vision

To extend this concept to families with teenage children and also for couples without children and produce a Let's Connect for mobile devices.

About the product

The images and characters were drawn by my daughter Tanisha when she was eight years old and then an illustrator and designer formatted them for printing.  These  images have the magic of a Childs innocence and pure joy.  For me it is absolutely wonderful that I can look at this product and feel the beauty of my daughter every time. Tanisha's innocence and magic was a wave of love that swept my life clean,  this I am grateful for every day.  


See video below for more info on how the concept works.


















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