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Client Feedback

Emma (mum) and Dilly (4yrs) 

Did you find the product helpful?

“It was helpful for me to have fun ides at my fingertips and to feel like I had a tool to ease the uncomfortable feeling of turning off the TV to play!” 

“I think it’s such a great idea.  Kids crave this kind of connection and it  felt great to have a fun way to provide this”. 

What did your kids think of the product?

“Dilly loved it! She actively got it out as if it was a toy.   Played other games with it (asked for a pointer so she could ‘teach’ me).  She loved the options and made me work through all of them”.


- Emma (mum) and Dilly (4yrs) 


Jud & Rose (4yrs)

Did you find the product helpful?

The hearts are really beautiful and I love the pictures.

How do you normally manage screens?

Rose doesn't watch screens barely at all at the moment

What activities did you do that were NOT on one of the hearts?

Tea party!

Any other comments?

Roxanne and T


Becky (mum), Sam (8yrs) and Isla (5yrs). (11/2019)


Did you find the product helpful?

“Encourages parents to find an alternative entertainment and stopped us defaulting to TV, Sam hasn’t  watched TV for24hrs :-) , Isla is much happier and I had pillow fight with them”. 

What did your kids think of the product?

“I liked it, it definitely stopped me watching TV and helped me think of things to do”. - Sam (8yrs)

“I like it when Sam, my brother, plays with me” - Isla (5yrs)

How did it work with siblings?

“Great! The 5yr old was delighted that the 8yr old was available to play!  I was worried about them dividing the hearts equally but they sorted it themselves and chose 2 for themselves and then one  activity together”. 


Angela & Marley (2.5yrs)

Did you find the product helpful?

Yes, very helpful and has changed my attitude about screen time.  You are totally right, he is very willing to drop screen time when a connection activity is offered, He did engage with the idea of it!

How do you normally manage screens?

Kind of randomly - either let him watch or say no.  Depends on how busy we are too!

What activities did you do that were NOT on one of the hearts?

He played with the hearts themselves or got distracted and forgot about the TV.  Also we hid under the blankets (favourite activity anyway).

Any other comments?

We used it a bit differently to the suggestion.  We kept it on the TV permanently and had to wake up the TV to watch it by doing some activities.  Really love this idea and would love to see more activities to chose from!


Cat (mum), Ellen (4) and Meg (1) (05/05/2020)

Did you find the product helpful?

"Yes.  Ellen was happier to switch off the TV when I suggested tucking it up for a nap.  She loves playing games of putting babies to bed so loved the idea of the TV having its own blanket.  I tend to turn to the TV when I'm tired to decide what to do but the hearts gave good suggestions that I could let Ellen decide for herself"

How do you normally manage screens?

Distractions in a different room if she wants the TV on and I don't.  We don't watch much TV but sometimes she doesn't want to stop once we start.

Did you find the 'how to use' images helpful?

Yes.  It's good to have a visual instruction of how to use the product and Ellen could see the idea too without knowing how to read.

How did it work with having siblings?

Meg is still so little she's happy to go along with whatever we're doing, whatever heart her sister chooses.  She didn't understand the product but enjoyed doing the activities together.


What did your children think of the product?

Meg liked sitting in the box (!) and on it (sorry!).  She enjoyed looking at the hearts even if she's too young to get the full idea.  She just took them all in and out of the case.  Ellen really enjoyed sorting through them all and then choosing some to stick up.  At first she never wanted to do the same activity twice, but wanted to put up all the hearts she'd ever done.  But there wasn't enough velcro for them all at the same time!


What activities did you do that were NOT on one of the hearts?

After singing and dancing we went on to make musical instruments and form a band!


Build an obstacle course (with cushions etc.) then have races, other crafty things as well as drawing.  Cutting and sticking.  Painting rocks!


Any other comments?

Hadn't had a pillow fight before, they loved it!

"We used it one day and ended up spending the whole day in the garden playing.  They put it over the screen and stuck stuff on and with the intentions of doing the things we ended up just playing together, so it worked.   It was one of the nicest days we've had recently xxx" - Isabella (mum of two girls)

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