Start date 1st July 2022

Supportive community for your parenting

Virtual co-parenting sessions:

Mondays 7.30-9pm UK time co-parenting space (come and go as you please)

Wednesday 7.30-9pm UK time co-parenting space (come and go as you please)

Saturdays 10-11am UK time Group session for families, start your weekend off right! (come and go as you please)

Sundays 8-9pm UK time co-parenting space (relaxation session)



Be a CHAMPION member... £35 per month for the first eight families to sign up! 


Free use of your very own Screen Harmoniser and Connection Hearts


Online.  In person meet ups.  Educational slots.


Jen will empower you to connect deeply with your infinite soul and this vibration.  Through an 8 week cycle you go on a journey through four focus points, intros, relationships, hearts desire and then the last theme is open.  You will learn EFT (tapping), meditation, soul communication, breathing techniques, Angelic energies, how to access your Akashic Records and finish with a journey to your Sacred Temple.  Here are some clips of families so far...



Pre and Post Overall well-being score:

Before you begin the programme and at the end you will do an overall wellbeing score.

Whats App Group:  Communal space for sharing and support.

Themes for each fortnight:

1st Theme - Beginning with introductions.  For existing participants we go deeper into our journey.​

2nd Theme - We focus on relationships, each participant will share their experiences with relationships.  Relationships are everything, powerful and show us our lessons, our souls desire in terms of growth.


3rd Theme - We look into our hearts desire in terms of our purpose/mission here on Earth, what our soul yearns for and how to express this.  To simply ask ourselves this question is healing "What do I desire"? "What do I yearn for"? with our hand on our hearts.


Last theme - This is open for whatever has arisen through-out the 8 weeks.​  We finish with a journey to our Sacred Temple, this is a deep meditation where you access your souls records.

















With the journey I found it really intense, connected, and was ‘almost’ conscious the whole time. 

I lucid dream a lot anyway, so it’s difficult to separate what’s what, but definitely some strong energy flying around. Thanks Jen for introducing me to everything! And thank you lovely fellow travellers. 


Jen is a very grounded practitioner, she has a calming aura around her, her voice, her work pace, all very reassuring, gave me a safe place feeling. 
She is also funny, laughing is an important part in the healing journey, and with her we shared a lot of that. Naturally intuitive, very reliable, a good leader with great communication skills. 



1. Full On Zoom Connection (Mon and Sat) and Whats App Connection (minus video sharing option)

  • Weekly co-parenting sessions on Zoom, Mon & weds - co-parenting and Saturday & Sunday - co-parenting.  EFT (tapping), visualisations, deep meditative practices, Akashic records journeying and sharing.  

  • Whats App group - You have access to the group but you do not share your own personal videos (for those not ready to share videos).  A space for connection and sharing, fortnightly themes for participants to focus on.  ​

  • Let’s Connect Manual - This is a culmination of tools for growth, healing and development in regards to your parenting and your own self-care.  This is everything I have tried and tested from my own healing.  This manual is packed with highly researched methods and perspectives and also the more experiential methods.  Everything from the manual will be what I bring into the sessions and feedback videos and we refer to this along the way.


2. Full On Zoom Connection (Mon and Sat) and Whats App Connection (Plus share your own videos and receive video feedback from Jen) 

  • Everything in the above Full On Zoom Connections (Mon and Sat) and Whats App Connection plus:

  • Personal Video Feedback from Jen, given through the Whats App group on a fortnightly basis.  I will tune into your personal videos and offer specific healing for you through a feedback video within the Whats App group.  I will use my intuition/guidance and your requests to be guided by which therapeutic tools are best for you.  











Jennifer has consistently delivered as a practitioner, across multiple sessions. Jennifer is personable and professional, in her approach. I would highly recommend her.”  "As a healer myself, I know a fellow healer. Jennifer has much to offer as a healer. Healing is to make whole; I sense wholeness, as a result of a healing session, with her.”


Working with Jen helps me to better connect to my inner wisdom and knowledge.  She can hold that space for me and has a range of healing tools up her sleeve to support me  on the way.  After a session with Jen, whatever I am working through seems to just fall into place.  Jen, your healing work is beautiful, flexible, non-judgemental and done with a lot of love.




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