About me, experience and qualifications

My journey to awakening was predominantly through relationship - Family dynamics, sibling bonds, toxic relationships, parent child relationship and the twin flame dance.  These relationships with all their highs and lows contributed massively to my spiritual ascension.  

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EFT Practitioner Accreditation (EFT International) - 2020

Practitioner Training (Twinflame healers) - 2020

Transforming Blockages - 2019

Indigo Parenting Course - 2018

Hand in Hand Parenting Course - 2018

Diploma in Broad Spectrum Healing (Earthworks) - 2018

Master of Science in Biomedical Science - 2017

Batchelor of Science in Equine Science - 2009

Most recently I have achieved accreditation as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping) Practitioner training.  This technique is absolutely wonderful and routed in the body.

I have experience of dysfunctional/shaming childhood, shutting down of self, family trauma through mental illness of a sibling, abandonment, addictions, abusive relationships, sexual abuse, rape, single parenting, parent of Indigo child, twin flame dance and ascension/awakening process to name a few.


My professional qualifications began primarily with biological sciences, Equine Science BSc and Biomedical Science MSc.  I have worked within the clinical services of the NHS for over a decade, assisting in the diagnosis of hundreds of patients through various types of diagnostic techniques for genetic disorders and cancers.  I have a wide knowledge of medical science and a good understanding of the physical aspect of medicine and pathology.  I have also done a 'Broad spectrum healing training' with Janelle Scialla and I have good knowledge of hand in hand parenting techniques that supported me massively with parenting my daughter.


I have been studying ‘Indigo Parenting for advanced souls’ ‘Healing with the Akashic Records’ and ‘Transforming Blockages’ with Jill Miller (MA) and Remi Thivierge (MSW, RSW, RMFT).  Their teachings blend ancient spiritual wisdom with leading edge quantum therapies.  The courses cover a broad range of techniques and are blended with profound deep healing work.  Their style of teaching is to always push their clients to find their own intuition and connection with high beings and ultimately Spirit/God/Universal energy.