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Soul Healing

Meet Jennifer Pridgeon

Healing Practitioner

I'm Jen and I am here to support you on your healing journey of growth and transformation.  Put simply this is an inner exploration of the vastness of your soul.  And to better understand yourself is the greatest adventure.

Whether you have experienced a painful break-up, are struggling with parenting or are searching for the one I can be your guide.  I am trained in Transforming Blockages, which uses a multitude of sacred practice and also EFT Tapping which is steeped in ancient methods of healing.  We work as a team to build resilience for you in self love, sacred relationship and blissful embodiment.  I have 15 years of experience in the health and well-being industry not to mention personal experience of all I teach.  Behold your own Divine self and the beauty of your heart.

Meet Jen
Why Naturopathy

Why Soul Healing?

It can help with


Learn about heart connection and sink into deep soulful connections.  Let go of the angst.


Experience energy clearing and feel more supported by your environment.  Your body is a temple and sleep necessary balm.


Parent from a rested, nourished place and feel more connected with your child.

Women's Health

Sink into your Divine feminine self, honour your cycle and heal all wounds of the feminine.  Delve into deep meditations, visualisations and receive healing.  

Clear mind

Learn to recognise your "tired mind" and put your heart in the drivers seat.


Give your body, soul and mind a chance to take deep rest.  Acknowledge stress and learn to respect it and give yourself time and space.  And play!


Thank you so much for our EFT session. I thought I felt pretty good before but there is a definite spring in my step now. I loved how you brought in your other skills to provide a really unique session and the connection I felt with my Dad has really lifted me. The session gave me insight into aspects I hadn’t really uncovered before and I will definitely be exploring these further.

Thank you SO much. 

— Rebecca



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