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Hello Soul

Soul healing is a deep psycho-spiritual path whose primary focus is aligning you with your True Higher Self.  Jen uses intuition and guidance from her many years of experiences within the medical industry to support and empower you on your journey to feeling better.  


Jen uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and deep meditative practise.  The concept of neuro-plasticity, that the brain is malleable and capable of change is key.  Jen applies her knowledge as a Bio Medical Scientist within the healing space.

Jen is client lead which means we go from where you are in your healing journey. 


Jen specialises in the parenting journey, including pre-parenting (fertility journey/adoption), building a healthy relationship, existing parents, bereaved parents, new pet owners and post parenting.  Jen practises mediumship and supports the grief process. 

Jen has invented the Connection Hearts and Screen Harmoniser - a product that supports healthy screen tech habits for young families.  

There is a place within all of us that connects us to this vast amount of energy and love. 


You are deeper than the deepest ocean

Jen Pridgeon MSc EFTi

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Thank you so much for our EFT session. I thought I felt pretty good before but there is a definite spring in my step now. I loved how you brought in your other skills to provide a really unique session and the connection I felt with my Dad has really lifted me. The session gave me insight into aspects I hadn’t really uncovered before and I will definitely be exploring these further.

Thank you SO much. 


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