Welcome to my website.  Do you feel overwhelmed by life?  Are you in need of support with your parenting?

Let's Connect and Feel Better is here to empower parent and child connection and to lessen the pressure within the family home.  To support your closest relationships.  We want you to feel like it is Christmas every day with magical moments on a regular basis.  Parenting comes in many shapes and sizes and sharing this experience can lessen the load and also maximise the joy.  Whether you have experienced acute tragedy or chronic exhaustion Let's Connect and Feel Better can help.

Co-parenting sessions as part of the membership are specifically for relieving the stress within the family home by connecting and parenting online together.  

After a major break-up in 2015, I radically changed my parenting perspective and went on a journey to find love.  Then on meeting my twin flame four years later, I moved to Frome and started Let's Connect and Feel Better.  I created the Connection Hearts (my daughters artwork) and Screen Harmoniser - a product that supports healthy screen habits for young families.  I then became a trained EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Transforming Blockages practitioner. 


With a background in health and medical science I am here to support you and your families hearts desire.  I want you to know that you are loved no matter what. 


How to make your own Screen Harmoniser... click here.   

Oh beloved who is everywhere

Jen Pridgeon MSc EFTi

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Thank you so much for our EFT session. I thought I felt pretty good before but there is a definite spring in my step now. I loved how you brought in your other skills to provide a really unique session and the connection I felt with my Dad has really lifted me. The session gave me insight into aspects I hadn’t really uncovered before and I will definitely be exploring these further.

Thank you SO much. 


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